Black and White Negative Scans.


Here are some more.



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Colour Negative Scans.

I finally got round to scanning my negatives.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Some of them are from so long ago.


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Studio Day.

Had a long day in the studio today, which I think went really well!

Here is my favourite shot of the day!


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Have spent the evening casually redesigning ‘Coca Cola’ as part of my Photography and Realism project.

What do you think?

Just a quick test shoot for my studio day on wednesday =)

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Glass Negative Greenhouse

Glass Negative Greenhouse

Found this image whilst doing some research. I’m very interested in photography as an object and I want to include some sort of installation in my final piece.

Also had an awesome lecture from Oliver Chanarin. What a babe.

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Back for good.

So it’s been a while… Moving back to Bournemouth and starting back to uni has meant my blog has taken a back seat, along with my 365! Apologies.

But I’m back for good and feeling inspired from all angles at the moment. WOO.

My project for the term is ‘Primitive Photography’. Something I’m much more at home with, rather than all this technology! I’ve started experimenting with the process of printing on glass! It’s going pretty well so far, got the basics from liquid light, I just need to perfect it!

I’m also off to Paris Photo in a few weeks, so that should be amazing!

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Day Nine, Ten, Eleven and Twelve.

I think I’m probably going to find it easier to do this in blocks, especially this week because I’m working 82 hours!

Day Nine 31/08/2011

I bought a lovely pair of new boots, they beautiful!


Day Ten 1/09/2011

Assisting on a shoot for Ben, for the ‘Real Women’ competition in the Grafton Centre. Good day and amazing models! Saw a few items I might have to give in to!


Day Eleven 2/09/2011

Got my welcome back from uni, along with a summer project. The title of the brief is ‘Nothing’. NOTHING… ARE YOU KIDDING. What a load of crap. Honestly, it’s getting more and more┬ápretentious. But anyway, this was my attempt at brainstorming ‘nothing’. I think I might have to give it another try.

Jamming in the garden at Nana’s, enjoying the wispy clouds and sunshine! =)


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